Kelly’s Alaskan Malamutes, has been breeding M’loot Giant Alaskan Malamutes since 2003. Kirk and Sarah, started out as just avid Alaskan Malamute lovers and after acquiring their first Alaskan Malamute in 1999. Their second in 2001. A hobby turned into a growing and flourishing breeding business. Kirk Kelly, was and still is a very popular web -designer and studio artist, and popular Radio Personality.  Sarah was a popular Media sales associate and Human resource director for Fox News. They fell in love with Kentucky and bought a Farm.

After moving to Kentucky and changing their lives on their humble farm, they set up one of the most popular Alaskan Malamute  family Breeding systems.  The Kelly’s had never attempted to be the largest Breeder with the most dogs. They have always attempted to offer the highest quality in their lines.

Through the years Kelly’s once Partnered with almost every large and popular Alaskan Malamute breeding program and still have at least some Pedigree in those other programs, if they concentrate on the Giant Lines! The Kelly’s have been ridiculed and accused by others, especially by the same backyard breeders who have all been in courts for their slander by other Breeders, or their very own past customers. While Kelly’s, has never attempted to gesture that we are perfect, or are the very best, if we were responsible for any un-satisfied customer, we have always settled that dispute without going to court. Kelly’s Alaskan Malamutes, has never been Cited, Never violated a Humane Animal law and we have never been the Defendant in a Civil or Criminal Court regarding any animal. If you have ever read or heard we are this or that. It was not from one of our past Customers! Has Kelly’s ever had a complaint from a customer or have we ever had a Malamute that was not satisfactory. Yes, We are only human. All Businesses and products have. Though we have never delivered an Alaskan Malamute, that was not provided every aspect and approach in the highest quality we could. Alaskan Malamutes are living creatures and time and nature can be cruel.

Most Alaskan Malamute, Breeders have nice dogs. Just like us. The difference with Kelly’s, is we don’t Bad-mouth Breeders or state on our website what other Breeders should or should not do. What those Breeders do is their business. Not ours. We are too concerned with our programs to be concerned with theirs. As we are actually taking care of our dogs and customers and the continued improvement and growth of our other services, too provide you the future or existing clients the delivery of a high quality Alaskan Malamute. Kelly’s will even send you to another breeder if we don’t offer the right situation or Malamute for you.

Today, The Kelly’s, are 3rd generation lines of Alaskan Malamutes. 2nd Generation family owned and our grandchildren are now also becoming involved in our family owned operation. Today, Kelly’s Alaskan Malamutes is still family operated, yet, we are the Innovators in the Alaskan Malamute breeding industry. In 2018 we aim to complete our brand new facilities and environmentally controlled Canine housing, to our State of the art ground Transportation systems too the largest Alaskan Malamute Network, too 24 hour video surveillance of your purchased puppy. Kelly’s Alaskan Malamutes, is more concerned about you the buyer, then our reputation. Hopefully other breeders will develop our systems too. Now that they know what we are doing.

Kirk and Sarah, Kelly