Welcome to Kelly’s Alaskan Malamutes, we specialize in m’loot Giant puppies for sale for a smaller price. Top quality, better Pedigree. It’s your choice, you can pay high dollar for a Giant Alaskan Malamute. Other breeders hate us. Because they don’t offer what Kelly’s can. More than likely if they breed Giant’s, they have a pedigree directly linked to us. Yet they charge sometimes twice as much for the same genetic lines. We are about being fair. Not Greedy. We want you to be happy!

At Kelly’s we house our Malamutes in a 4000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility, with heating and air conditioning. We are currently constructing a second facility. Each dog can roam in and out. We also exercise our dogs on our 5 acres of playing yards.

Starting February 1st, 2018 Kelly’s will offer our customers 24/7 video of our facilities. Where all new puppy customers can watch their puppy from their cellphone or computer, just by logging into our network. Yes Kelly’s is the innovator, not the imitator. We have the only dedicated Network to our customers, past, current and future Kelly’s Team Members! Where we allow our customers a log in account to track Pedigrees, get backup information and Puppy packets and Veterinary records. Also our Store, where you can purchase our very popular lines of clothing and Team Kelly’s wear.

You are part of our family, when you become a Team Kelly’s member. We have hundreds of Members. This provides us with the assurance to you that we won’t force a dog down your throat and leave you wondering. We back our pups, our word, and our Team Members. They back us. We welcome you to our Family.